There comes a time when a company needs to adapt to the times and keep up with changing company culture.

But not everyone deals with change well. Most of the time, newcomers have an easier time adjusting to changes compared to the old timers. Because of this, owners, managers, and leaders have the biggest responsibility of steering their team in the right direction.

survive changing company culture

This week on Five Tips Tuesday, we give you tips on how to survive changes in the company culture.

Get inspiration from these six companies and how they established their own, unique company culture.

See how you can encourage your team to do well with change.

Learn why this one trait can actually destroy team work.

Check out tips on how to do better stress management for your team.

Read about how to create a positive culture in your team from Anese Cavanaugh’s book.


Do you wonder how other companies create and maintain their unique company culture?

Every business is different, and each one has their own values to uphold. Because of this, each company also follows a different model that makes them successful.

Let’s see how six companies established a strong company culture from

Management Strategy 

It is always a challenge to create an awesome company culture. But when it comes to failing businesses who are trying to rebuild theirs, the challenge is doubly massive.

One of the more difficult things to do is to manage team’s resistance to change. It’s easy for people to stay within their comfort zones that anything new becomes a threat. That is why managers need to effectively facilitate sustainable change.

Check out these tips to help your team transition through changes from

Problem Solving

We all have that one person who seems to be able to come up with the best solution for the team. While this seems to be the easiest and fastest route, it actually does the team more trouble.

Check out this response to a letter sender from the Ask Tom mailbag on how this behavior, though it might seem helpful, can cripple teamwork.

Stress Management 

There will come a time when one or two members will butt heads because of stress and pressure. But it doesn’t have to come to that.

Conflict at work can be avoided with proper stress management.

Check out this three-step process to alleviate the vicious cycle of stress, fighting, and frustration at work.


If you want to know more about how to create a positive culture in your organization, here’s the book you should be reading.

Anese Cavanaugh’s Contagious Culture introduces you to a new era of leadership. This book answers questions you might have about how to win in a collaborative, productive, energized, and contagious workplace culture.

Improve your leadership presence, impact, and also help others in your team shine.

Get your copy here.

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