Speed is a measurement of mastery for any writer. Creating a content fast without lowering its quality seems challenging, but with the help of some writing tips, it is easy to achieve.

writing tips for your content

Today, more entrepreneurs are focusing on content creation. High-quality content can help a business reach its goals. It has the power to create brand awareness and increase sales. It encourages engagement between the customers and the company.

Getting awesome content writers can be tricky.

So this week on Five Tips Tuesday, we gathered tips on how you can sharpen and speed up writing your content.

See why you need to take the most popular quotes about writing with a grain of salt.

Learn the benefits of using long-form content for digital marketing.

Check out the principles of creating good infographics to deliver your message.

Embrace the idea that real artists don’t have to starve or suffer.

And lastly, take a look at the list of books a thriving writer should read.

1. On writing

We’ve all read some awesome quotes about writing before. One like you need to bleed before you can create good content.

The advice of Maya Angelou and Earnest Hemmingway might be gold to aspiring writers. Chances are you keep a folder of their well-known quotes, or dedicated a whole Pinterest board just for these.

But some of these quotes and famous writing tips are simply bull.

See why you should rethink some golden quotes and just go ahead and write.

2. Article

Today, an average human being has an attention span of eight seconds. No wonder why short content is trending right now. It fits the consumers’ demands.

But is long-form content really useless nowadays?

The answer is no.

Here are the reasons why.

3. Tips

Infographics are extremely helpful.

By using graphs, diagrams, and pictures, a complicated subject or data can be understood easier. They help tell a story and are proven to be more engaging than the traditional ways of communication.

There are various websites that can help you create an infographic in a breeze. However, it’s not just about choosing the right template or picking the more attractive visual. Creating a great infographic requires a brilliant idea.

This guide breaks down the steps in coming up with excellent infographic ideas.

4. Inspiration

Ever notice how society looks at people who choose to be a painter or a writer instead of getting a corporate job? They call them brave, sometimes stupid.

In fact, Michelangelo, the great Michelangelo, was the richest artist of the Renaissance. His fortune was worth $47 million. He didn’t starve. He was a multimillionaire and a successful entrepreneur.

In his book Real Artists Don’t Starve, Jeff Goins debunks the myth of the starving artist. He emphasizes that like Michelangelo, you can also make a living off your creative talent. Read an excerpt from the book here.

5. Books

If you want to be a successful writer, you need to read. A lot.

Reading exposes you to different styles, voices, and genres of writing. It strengthens your vocabulary and grammar. Reading fuels inspiration and widens your horizons.

If you’re currently looking for books that can help you improve your writing skills, this list is for you.

Got more tips to add to our list? 

Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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