Creating valuable content has proven to be the most important element to content marketing.

But there is more to picking which keywords are marketable and makes content relevant. The need to develop the best strategy for content marketing is as necessary.

That’s why it is important to keep yourself updated and in the know of what goes on in the industry.

Check out six blogs that will make you an absolute content marketing genius.

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Blogs that will make you an absolute content marketing genius

This blog specializes in how-to multi-media strategies.

CMI is the premium source of doable advice ready for execution. Forbes has joined CMI as the mothership of content research. The reason behind is the company’s fourth runner, Joe Pulizzi. He is one of the originators of content marketing in the world.

C&C offers 5 simple yet effective consulting services: speak, teach, assess, roadmap and step-up.

Keynotes are specially delivered by Jay Baer. This president is also the New York Time’s best-selling author of Youtility.

Coaching is among the expertise of this online marketing specialist company. Their  Roadmapping includes workshops and assessments, both virtual and in-person.

Copyblogger focuses on practical tips for aspiring copywriters.

The company is build up by creating valuable content. They see to it that contents are worthy of people’s attention and drive traffic. After all, these are the key factors for building a profitable business.

Copyblogger also conducts advanced training programs to showcase the latest online marketing techniques.

Founders of Hubspot build the company through an uncommon realization.

Customers don’t agree with old marketing tactics of hard selling anymore. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah believed that if you understand people, you can draw them in.

Hubspot specializes in inbound marketing. It’s a way to draw in customers to your products through online marketing platform. This includes content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing.

Analytics and testing are the emphases of Kissmetrics.

The company helps you to optimize marketing by measuring the advertising returns. As they always say, you cannot improve something without measuring it.

Analytics will help you track and analyze your digital marketing performance. You can understand your business well and better gain customer insights. Know how it performs through concrete data.

Curata’s blog website gives the uppermost practices on content curation.

Marketers develop a successful content strategy by increasing customer engagement. Curata shares techniques to improve the quality of lead generation. Great content attracts buyers. Content curation filter nuances in the web, in turn, will provide clients a good quantity of leads.

Got any more to add to our list? We’d love to hear from you.

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