Last summer 2015, a few months ago, after 5 years of employment, I decided to take back the control of my life.

Back to entrepreneurship

And also back to where I was during before this 5-year period, struggling but determined to make a difference, working to bring something to the community and shape a solution to help as many people and businesses as possible by giving them quick access to what I’ve learned on my own. I imagined that by fast-tracking their learning I could be helping them.

Good thing that several years ago I co-founded Shanghai’s largest community of entrepreneurs with my good friend Joe Constanty. Together, we ran the show for 4 years, organizing over 200 networking events, round tables, and conferences. With 7,000 followers by our side, every single event was a success. Any get-togethers (like NEXTSTEP Tuesdays) were gathering more than 150 people.

Back then, things were different. True. The entrepreneurial scene was growing fast. Entry barriers were pretty low and the other actors around were… well, let’s put it that way: there was no “”, no smartphone, no Wechat and to top it up, Facebook got blocked overnight and VPN became easily accessible only a few years later, there was no real other actors.

Back then, NEXTSTEP was big…

Nextstep Green Business Forum - July 12, 2008

Fast forward to 2015, and finally over a difficult break-up with my previous corporate life, I decided to bring NEXTSTEP back to the community, and I will make those posts the journal of this journey.

So, Greg, how is it going so far?

Well… taking into account that we are now 3/4 in the month of January of o-sixteen and that I managed to get over my “break-up” last November only, that gave me a couple of months to get where I am right now.

My website was done before Christmas, the first workshops are set, got my WeChat official account running (it’s a big deal here in China), still finalizing some deals with locations where the workshops will be taking place. But all of this will later be described in other entries of this journal.

NEXTSTEP Branding Workshop - Jan 29, Shanghai with Rob Han from Purple Spread

NEXTSTEP Branding Workshop — Jan 29, Shanghai

The first workshop about Branding will be in a week from now and I am working on making sure people understand what I am about to do for them with NEXTSTEP.

I am building a platform where everybody will have access to proper learning. I am not talking about a school. I am talking about education, training, and simple tools to get better at what they are working on now. I want to take experts from different industries and at different positions to share what they know and help others at getting a better understanding and qualifying their needs in order also to outsource it better.

As I often say, many people are working here in China. They have been sent over, maybe just moved from one job to another or decided to take the entrepreneurial exit.

They are playing the game.

But our capitalistic world is expecting everyone of us not only to play that game but to win it.

But what are the rules of that game?

When your playground is a country like China, where language is challenging, where it can be difficult to exchange with others, … the access to the right information, and getting the perfect answer to your situation is not easy. This is exactly where I am stepping in.

Being a consultant and having helped hundreds of companies to do business in China, I had a good view of the battlefield and saw many professionals moving blindfolded. Trying to simply figure out if what they were doing was just even legal.

NEXTSTEP is organizing very different workshops to fill in that gap in many fields (Accounting, Labor Law, HR, Distribution, Importation,…). Taking it from people who have answers to share them with others that are in need for their business or venture.

This is going to be a long journey.

I will be meeting many people along the road, experts and will hear countless of amazing stories waiting to be shared with the community. This journey is also about The Family of entrepreneurs and friends that are helping me getting there.

Let’s get to it now.

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