Angel investment in Asia is an important source of capital raising for companies.

Investments by private high net worth people represent a very high percentage of capital raising in Asia particularly for early stage investment. In many respects, it’s been a traditional way of conducting business in the area.

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For many countless years, Arab and Chinese traders were funded by wealthy retailers and guilds to take risks in creating new trade routes and company across all of Asia as well as the Middle east. These networks of trade and finance had been the basis of business in Asia.

These days, it’s a matter of very informal network of pals, relatives and close associates that’s a primary source of little and medium scale investor funding.

Proper angel investment clubs of the design we see in Europe as well as the US are not the norm in Asia yet.

Angel investment clubs and organizations are present in only several nations in Asia.

The marketing side of business in not as formalized and this really does create more of the challenge for entrepreneurs to increase capital in Asia. This can be particularly the case for new types of company which is present in Asia where the support network is not as created.

It is fairly typical to see entrepreneurs seeking to finance traveling to Singapore from places such like Vietnam, Thailand as well as from Bahrain, Pakistan as well as Saudi Arabia to Dubai to meet angel investors.

In Dubai, there is the Arab Business Angels Network that will offer early-stage seed financing for companies to develop in the Middle-East as well as North Africa.

In Singapore, there are Business Angels Networks that are extremely recommended for all those entrepreneurs seeking to increase capital for early stage opportunities.

If you’re seeking financing, then you have to ensure that you’re prepared with your investor presentation.

Angel investor organizations in Asia have challenging requirements for entrepreneurs that need a distribution of company plans prior to having any chance to present in front of prospective investors.

As always, professional advice is advised as well as there are workshops provided to entrepreneurs in Singapore as well as Dubai but also more and more all over Asia to assist these in making a better investment presentation and introducing you to the right investors for your project.

The Method is an Investment Consulting company improving and developing startups in Asia through Workshops and Trainings, Project Management and Investment solutions.

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The article Angel Investment in Asia was written by Florian Gaudel, General Manager at The Method – Investment Consulting Agency

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