We all have that ‘someday list‘. It’s the imaginary to-do list that never gets done because it isn’t too urgent so we leave it to someday to make it happen. Someday, I’ll learn to drive, finish that craft project, start my own business.

The Art of Doing – Get over your imaginary to-do list

This week, we bring you tips on how to live in the now so you could start changing your do-it-someday lists to do-it-today lists.

Stop dreaming and start doing!

1. Inspiration — It might sound counterproductive, but when was the last time you did nothing?Listen to Andy Puddicombe as he discusses the benefits of clearing your mind, stepping back and being in the moment.

2. APPS —Everyone loves Evernote, that’s for sure, but did you know that there are equally lovable, easy to use apps that will fit your to-do-list personality? From the goal-setter to the task-master, here’s a list of apps that will surely take care of all your listing needs.

5. Tips — Stop wondering if you are fit to become an entrepreneur and start your own business. Here are 50 signs to tell you that you are indeed ready to go out on your own.

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