A Structured Workshop on understanding Financial Spreadsheets by Michael Adick, Managing Director at Articulate  

In the modern workplace, management and business professionals often need to make use of financial data to make sound business decisions and effective business control. However, non-finance executives might find it challenging to understand spreadsheets because of complex accounting jargon. Balance sheets are also important for SMBs and start-ups. Although it can be intimidating for some people, financial sheets give business owners insight on how their business is faring and can help determine how they will plan their business strategies.

This workshop is aimed at enabling non-financial executives and business owners to read, understand, interpret and use key financial information for enhancing business result and also appreciate the important role of balance sheets in managing finance for daily business.

This workshop will help you: 

  • Read and understand basic financial statements
  • Define common accounting jargon and basic accounting concepts
  • Perform quick financial ratio analysis for interpreting business performance and financial health
  • Communicate with the finance department more effectively and confidently

Who should attend?

  • Professionals in leadership positions
  • Managers and staff who will be promoted to leadership positions
  • SMB business owners
  • Start-up founders
  • Anyone tasked with leading an organization to success

About Michael

With 18 years of professional experience in banking, industry and consulting, Michael Adick specializes in technical frameworks, methods, and tools for management strategy, finance, value chain performance management, program and change management, sales and marketing, customer service, product portfolio and lifecycle management and distribution. He also spent seven years at Siemens Ltd, China focused on strategy, finance and controlling as well as sales and marketing positions.

He is a strong believer in considering the human, environmental and societal aspects of business management. He is also a strong proponent of a new concept of Sustainable Leadership. His client list comes from different industries such as Bayer, BMW, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney and IBM to name a few.

Michael is an alumnus of China Europe International Business School and is an Executive MBA holder.

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Details about this workshop:

Date: April 7

From 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Location: TBA

Price: 650 RMB

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Email: info@nextstep-workshops.com

Web: www.nextstep-workshops.com



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