Freelancing is a growing industry worldwide. Because of this trend, many are now considering being their own boss and getting projects that they really want to learn on. Most millennials now prefer working remotely compared to being tied up to a desk job from nine to five due to the freedom it comes with. But what does it really take to enjoy a successful freelancing career?

In this issue of Five Tips Tuesday, we bring you tips on how you could make the change and become a self-starter through freelancing.

Be a Self - Starter

1. Article – As a digital nomad, loneliness tends to follow you wherever you go. That’s why having a strong network helps. Here are some tips on how to grow your network while you’re hopping from one place to another.

2. Management Tips – The first step is always the hardest, especially if you want to come up with a great idea. Want your team to be more creative? Try the McDonald’s Theory and see how your brainstorming sessions improve.

3. Event – Learn about global messaging trends and how WeChat can affect your brand. This 2-day conference will have the top speakers and experts from all across China, where you can also grow your network. Save it in your calendar.

4. Website – As they say, when in Rome, do what the Romans do. The good news is you can now get locals from 66 cities to take you on a tour and get you to the best spots. Check it here for more details.

5. Book- Learn the ropes of the fastest growing industry: working remotely. “Remote: Office Not Required” by Jason Fried talks about the challenges and benefits of working remotely.

Got more to add to our list? We’d love to hear from you!. Take a look at previous issues of Five Tips Tuesday by visiting our blog.

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