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Being a manager is not an easy task. It takes skill, character, and balance to be able to act as the mediator between employees and the company. Because of this, managers need the most access to support and self-improvement, from improving their soft skills to learning new strategies in leading their teams.

In this week’s edition of Five Tips Tuesday, we give you tips and tricks on how to improve your management style and bring new ideas to you to help motivate yourself and your team to be better employees and individuals.

Be the best manager you can be - NextStep 5 Tips Tuesday

1. Inspiration — Great managers always find ways to keep their employees motivated. Some opt for incentives, others go for raffles or games and others go for the unexpected. Check out the unusual ways these companies have created values in their employees by making their work environment fun, creative and happy. Read on here.

2. Tips — Everyone in the company has something to add to the plate. Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable about stepping out of their comfort zone to share their ideas. As a manager, it’s part of the job to tap into your team’s creativity and help encourage them to explore their ideas. Here’s some useful advice on how to motivate creative employees and create a culture of innovation in your team. Check it here.

3. Must Reads— Parenting and management are more similar than you think. Both require a lot of patience and motivation to bring out the best in people. Like parenting, managing people also requires a level of discipline that needs to be imposed on your staff to make sure that the job gets done, and a certain level of praise and recognition to keep them inspired. Check out the book list here.

Be the best manager you can be - Nextstep 5 Tips Tuesday

4. Productivity — From reflecting on the day’s events to spending time with the family, pick up a thing or two on how successful people end the day to prepare for the next one. See the benefits of meditating, or taking a quick walk around the block to help clear your head. See it all here.

5. Apps — Having trouble managing your staff’s schedules and tasks? Check out the best iPhone and iPad apps to help make managing your employees much easier. From time off requests, employee communications, and feedback, to scheduling, we’ve got it covered for you. See what you can download for free here.

Got more to add to our list? We’d love to hear from you.

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