Beat the Clock

Most adults today have FOMO or fear of missing out. It’s become so prevalent that FOMO got included to the Oxford Dictionary in 2013. Because we fear missing events that we see as important, we tend to cram our days with so many activities. We then get burned out, too tired to perform the tasks we need to do and end up missing the things that matter.

Time is a precious commodity. Productivity methods abound to help us make the most of our time. Yet there are those who still find it challenging to manage their time. Constant distractions online and offline also don’t help . But there is still hope. If you find your days filled with to-do lists that never gets done, this is for you. If you feel that you get nothing accomplished after a day’s work, we’ve got the right solution.

NextStep and System in Motion brings back one of our first workshops, “How to Manage your Time Efficiently“. Stephane Monsallier will be sharing practical methods to help you take control of your time and maximize your life.

Beat the clock with Stephane Monsallier

This workshop will help you understand yourself better. We know each person has different needs and wants. What’s important to one might not have the same value for another. With this, we will help you see what your priorities are. This will show you where you spend your time and help you do tasks based on their urgency and importance. The goal is to free up to 30% of your calendar. Once that’s done, you could then work stuff you’ve wanted to do so long, like learn how to bake or go to the gym.

Sign up today and take control of your time. See you there!



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