Giving your creativity a boost can offer awesome rewards to your business. A creative mind helps you form killer marketing strategies to survive the fierce competition. It also aids you in coming up with exciting solutions that will set you apart from the rest.

Like your muscles, your creativity needs constant exercise to unleash its full potential. So this week on Five Tips Tuesday, we’ll give you tips on how you can give those creative muscles some flexing.

boost creativity tips

Discover the other creative strategies you need to use aside from brainstorming.

Check out how you can increase your content engagement on LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

Learn the art of getting to know yourself.

Master the ways of hacking into your creative mind while you sleep.

And last but not the least, take notes on how Lady Gaga built a solid and loyal following for her brand.


Is brainstorming not helping you or your team at all? Do the sessions only end in frustrated members and zero solutions to the problems?

If you have experienced these challenges in brainstorming, it’s time to ditch that method. Check these five strategies that can squeeze out your team’s creative juices.

Social Media

LinkedIn’s publishing platform is a great place to flaunt your content to professionals. When used strategically, it can boost your company’s presence and industry status.

But with more than 100,000 posts uploaded to LinkedIn every week, the competition is tight. Thankfully, LinkedIn released a new infographic that shows feedback from over 9,000 members. The collected findings give insight into why LinkedIn users engage with a content. Learn more about it here.


Self-awareness is an awesome quality to have. It helps you live a happier and fulfilling life. It also allows you to make smarter decisions and manage stress better.

If you think you already know yourself, chances are, you don’t. People who need to learn about self-awareness are usually the least likely to know they need it.

Read this article and discover how you can really get to know yourself.


Your creative mind doesn’t stop working once you close your eyes and drifted off to dreamland. In fact, great ideas can come into your head while you’re sleeping. It’s because of this phenomenon cognitive scientists call “pattern recognition.” For this to happen, your brain should be in a well-relaxed state.

Here are the three ways you can do before bed to help you hack into your creative mind while you sleep.


Lady Gaga is best known for her jaw-dropping outfits, over-the-top performances, and addictive dance beats. But behind her massive success lies another achievement. It’s her awesome strategy in attracting and keeping loyal fans or her “Little Monsters.”

In “Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers Into Fanatics”, Jackie Huba spells out the lessons from Lady Gaga’s genius marketing. Give it a read here and learn how you can creatively apply these lessons to your own brand.

How do you boost your creativity? Are there any tips you want to add? Tell us in the comments.

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