Starting a business involves building a positive culture among its team members.

As leaders, the culture that we set in our team shapes how we grow as people and as a business. It influences our team’s vision the roles they will play, and the contributions that they will make to help us succeed.

We become the example of our team’s culture. Our responses and reactions help guide our team members on how they will respond to the challenges that come their way.

The question is, what kind of culture are you setting for your team?

On Building Culture: How to Market your Best Traits

This week on Five Tips Tuesday, we give you points on how you can build a positive culture in your team.

Check out how one entrepreneur succeeded by never giving up. Get tips on how to create a culture based on growth mindset. Ask the right questions and ace your next project. Know the signs of burnouts and how to avoid them.

And last, see how Tina Fey can inspire you on how to be a good boss.

1. Inspiration

Numbers show that 80% of new businesses fail.

As entrepreneurs, we face more chances of failure due to many factors: funding, the marketability of our products and services, management, the list goes on.

But we have something others don’t have. And that is our ability to start over and try again.

Neha Goel is a tech entrepreneur and social activist who understands first hand what it is to fail from your first business venture.

Check out the lessons she shares with us in her article from See why there is a need for us to embrace our skeptics and face our fears so we could succeed in our next business venture.

2. Team Management Tips 

We often hear that a team should have the culture of having a growth mindset. But what does it really mean?

A growth mindset is the ability of team members to believe that they are capable of learning more and doing more. This benefits both the person and team since it focuses on its ability to transform itself according to the increasing demands of the business.

While it is an ideal concept, developing a growth mindset culture in your team members can be quite challenging. Each person has their own motivations, and it’s your job as a leader to help them realize their potentials.

Here are a few great tips from on how you could create a culture based on growth mindset in your team today.

3. Project Management Tips

It feels great when you get new assignments from your boss, especially when it involves something you’re interested in. But for some, it can be a daunting task.

But for some, it can be a daunting task.

Before you give in to the pressure of planning, executing and driving results, make sure you’ve got everything you need to know.

Ask yourselves these four questions before starting your next project and reach new heights.

4. Work-Life Balance

No matter how much you love your job or your boss, there are just those days that make it difficult to get out of the bed and go do what you have to do.

Everyone needs a break at some point. There are just those days when you a few minutes of sleep, a change of scene or a few days off of work to get back to your groove.

Here are some tell tale signs from that you or your team members need a quick break so you could avoid burnouts. We’re sure this will help your team get back to the grind refreshed and recharged.

5. Book 

Absolutely hilarious.

That’s what most reviewers say about Tina Fey’s memoir, Bossypants. 

Jokes aside, this book is recommended to every woman who has become a boss in her own right. Tina Fey gives advice on how to be a good boss through her humor and wit. She shows us how our imperfections make us great leaders and role models to our teams.

Get your copy on Amazon now.

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