We all love stories.

We love hearing about brave men and women conquering the world, tragedies, and romance, unbelievable adventures, as well as stories that invoke fear, suspense, and mystery.

Stories inspire us, delight us, motivate and challenge us. That is why storytelling is such a powerful tool that marketers employ. When told in the right way, it can help spread the word about your brand and convert potential customers.

In this edition of Five Tips Tuesday, we give you tools and resources that will help you improve the way you tell stories to your audience. After all, we all look forward to a great tale.

1. Article – Brands use analytics to monitor their online score, but is that enough? Social Media Today discusses the difference between social monitoring and social listening, plus tips on how it can help convert customers to your business.

2. Tools – Need help in SEO? Here are five online tools that you can add to Chrome to help make your job a lot easier.

3. Marketing Tips – Andreea Ayers, founder of LaunchGrowJoy.com and serial entrepreneur talks about how to get media attention to your product or blog and how you can use traditional media to your advantage.

4. Event – Interested in technology, innovation, design, and entrepreneurship? Join a team of hackers as they discuss what the future brings. Limited seats available.

5. Book – Amanda Palmer is an artist in its truest sense: a crowdfunder, performance artist, musician, lead singer, a blogger, an author. In her book Art of Asking, she talks about art as a way of connecting with her audience. Check out her story here.

Got more to add to our list? We’d love to hear from you!. Take a look at previous issues of Five Tips Tuesday by visiting our blog.

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