There are three common reasons why employees quit: difficult bosses, compensation issues, and lack of opportunities. That’s why most people think of a career change as the new year comes.

If you are among those who are thinking of shifting careers or unsure of the path to take, then this is for you.

In this week’s Five Tips Tuesday, we talk about tips on how you could smoothly transition from one career to the next.

career change tips

Get to know successful people who changed paths later on in life and still made it to the top.

Learn how you can create your own career path in five simple steps.

Know how to embrace the uncomfortable and face your fears to get the results you want.

Experiencing quarter-life crisis? Here’s how you can make the most out of it and turn things around.

Get an awesome list of books that can help you assess your skills and help you transition to your new chosen career path.

So, let’s go.

1. Inspiration

Most people would think it’s too late to start over and follow their dreams, especially if they already got settled in their current comforts. But these people have proven that resilience and determination is the key to reinventing yourself.

Check out these 19 successful people who changed careers mid-life and still made it big.

2. Infographic

Shifting careers may require you to go over and rethink your plans for the future.

While you may have already forgotten your counselor’s advice on what career to take and how to do it, we’ve found some simple ways on how you could get back on track.

See what you need to do to map out your path and succeed in changing careers in the future.

3. Video

Fear of the unknown is natural, especially if you’re going through a huge change in life.

But fear can also be an exciting way of handling these changes. And training your brain to be comfortable with being uncomfortable has its benefits. One of which is creating the best opportunities and disrupting the norm.

Watch this Ted Talk from professional troublemaker Luvvie Ajayi as she discusses why we need to embrace discomfort to experience greatness.

4. Tips

Think switching careers is difficult? It might be easier than you think.

Sometimes fear paralyzes us and we end up thinking how impossible things can get. This is true, especially when we are on the brink of change. So how do you turn this around?

Here are some tips on how you could maximize your time and resources and teach you how to pivot.

5. Book List

Looking for the best book to help you on your new journey in your chosen career? has just the perfect list for you. Learn how to assess your current skills. See how you can quickly adapt to fast-paced trends. Know how you can pursue a purpose-driven career and find fulfillment in your new one.

Check out 10 books that will help guide you in your new journey.

Find everything you need to help you transitions smoothly with your career change today.


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