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Entrepreneur stories show that it is not a walk in the park.
Self made entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos would probably attest at how difficult it is to be successful. Building and growing a business requires a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a winning mindset. It’s not enough to start a business you are passionate about. It is also essential to serve as an inspiration for aspiring and young entrepreneurs everywhere.
NextStep Hub features stories of inspirations and success to help entrepreneurs connect with accomplished influencers.
Through our features such as Freelance Friday and Shanghai Rendezvous, we reach out to most successful entrepreneurs and help them achieve the right mindset when launching their business idea.
Read about their successes and failures and how they resolved these concerns. Learn all about the importance of connecting with fellow entrepreneurs through regular meetups. Get tips on how to get mentors and learn more about the benefits of having a co-founder for your startup.
See the value of social entrepreneurship and how you could give back to the community through mentorship programs. Innovate and collaborate with peers. Learn how to be your own boss and have the willingness to help others by sharing your story.