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Entrepreneurship has been a buzzword for quite some time now.
Anyone starting a business can easily claim that he is an entrepreneur. But the truth is, there is a larger difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner.
While both require risk taking and an awesome business idea, entrepreneurship is all about the pursuit of a higher purpose. It is focused on value creation and the creation of solutions that can change the world as we know it.
NextStep Hub helps aspiring and young entrepreneurs in pursuing new ideas and new businesses.
Get awesome tips from serial entrepreneurs about the entrepreneurial mindset. Learn more about social entrepreneurship and how to start a successful start up. Know more about what business model fits your brand and how creating value can help you be successful.
Check out stories about innovation and entrepreneurship, startup ventures, and how to acquire the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset.
Know more about self-employment, investing, and how to keep motivated and productive. Learn to take business advice through mentoring, and how to make money solving other people’s problems.
See how you can find your niche and offer your services. All this and more when you visit our website.

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