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Freelancing is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world today.
People are now choosing to have a full time job working from home and are paid for skills such as online writing, web development and internet marketing.
The most common question asked about freelancing is how to start. How do you get paid for gigs and find work as an independent contractor? What are the best freelance websites to go for projects?
NextStep Hub helps you answer those questions with our practical guide on freelance work.
Learn about tips on how to make a living through freelance projects. See how blog writing can land you your dream projects. Find out what a virtual assistant does and how you could become one.
See how you can improve your writing skills and create writing opportunities through platforms like LinkedIn. Know what to add on your cover letter to get you hired.
Get to know how to run your online business with the help of freelancers through hiring platforms like Upwork, Guru, and 99designs. Learn how to hire the best talents in the freelance marketplace. Know the inclusions of a good invoice.
Also, connect with online freelance communities through NextStep Hub.