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Freelancing and entrepreneurship in the Philippines are the fastest growing industries in the country.
With strong communication skills and cultural training from the booming BPO industries, Filipino freelancers have welcomed the gig economy with open arms. They now get paid as they work from home with jobs from platforms like Upwork.
This also presents many entrepreneurs and businesses with outsourcing processes for work. They get access to online workers that can charge hourly or per project. This enables them to create awesome web content and make money through collaborations with freelancers.
NextStep Hub features freelance businesses through its biweekly content, Freelance Friday Presents.
Here we introduce freelance workers who run their legitimate businesses while working from home. Among the services they offer include copywriting, web design, blogging, virtual assistance, and marketing services to name a few.
Find the right freelance workers to collaborate with. Know where to find writers and editors to help create your campaign.
Learn how navigate the freelance marketplace and find the right mix of quality and price. Get tips on how to run a successful business as a freelancer and learn how to attract clients and fill your sales funnels.
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