Charlotte Wang, founder, and CEO of EQuota Energy is one of the panelists at Superwomen in Data. 

Equota Energy is a data-centered, comprehensive energy management provider. It serves Chinese industrial zones/parks, distributed power plants, and commercial and industrial buildings like department stores and hotels.

Through its leading-edge information technology, EQuota helps heavy industries in China achieve energy-efficient and low-carbon future.

Check out our interview with the driving force behind EQuota, Charlotte Wang.

Can you introduce yourself & your company?

charlotte wang equota energy

My name is Charlotte Wang. I have a BA degree in Computer Science from Dordt College, an MSc in System Design and Management from MIT, and an MSc degree in Computer science from the University of Washington.

In 2016, I was selected as the “Echoing Green Climate Fellow”. I was also hailed as the “Harvard China SEED Senior Fellow” in 2012.

Apart from these two important awards, I also received the “Jack Tang Fellowship” (MITEI) for Inner-Mongolia Renewable Energy Development and Sustainability in 2010.

Today, I focus on my role as the CEO of EQuota, a company that I also founded.

Equota Energy strives to deliver innovative and scalable impact on China’s energy and emission challenges.  Our goal is to reduce energy consumption and provide predictive maintenance in an innovative way.

By analyzing data, we make innovative recommendations for how companies can reduce their energy usage without negatively affecting their operations.

The driving force behind EQuota is my passion for constantly improving the data analytics capability across a growing range of building types.

EQuota Energy

Why have you chosen to become an entrepreneur?

I became an entrepreneur because I’m passionate about my work. I also believe that the technology can be commercialized, and entrepreneurship allowed me to bring my ideas into life.

Is being a woman in a digital environment with a majority of men an advantage or not? If yes, how do you use it?

Personally, my gender never became an issue in my career. But it is possible that some of the women in the digital environment still face challenges proving themselves in the business.

What’s your advice for women to help them to succeed?

Always follow your passion. It’s the most important thing. And work with grit.

What advice would you give to those who want to launch a company in China?

Think about your ideas very well. Learn from the outcomes of your actions and plans, especially your mistakes.

Also, remember to surround yourself with the right and people. They should be honest – they must be able to tell you the mistakes you’ve made.

What does it take to be a “Superwoman in data”? Why do you believe people see you as one?

I did not have the “superwoman” kind of mindset when I started this path. However, I try my best to excel in my field. I’m passionate and I work hard.

Also, I surround myself with smart people and listen to them. I appreciate it when they tell me how and why things went wrong because I can use their feedback to improve myself.

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