With the revolution of mobile internet, a constant need to stay connected has been ingrained into our systems. Everyday new apps are being made with the aim of creating more communities and help create connections among its users.

This edition of Five Tips Tuesday, we explore how staying connected has affected us, and how pulling the plug on social media can also help us do more and be more.

1. Inspiration — We all have heard about Starbucks CEO Harry Schultz and how he made it big with this beloved coffee chain. Now read about the lessons we can learn from his journey.

2. Apps — If you’re in need of constant communication with a team you’re managing, Slack is a great way to keep in touch. Here’s what makes it better: a list of apps that you can integrate with Slack to make your conversations more interactive and fun.

3. Breaking habits — We’ve all been guilty of this, browsing through Facebook for hours checking on what’s new and what’s hot. Here are some compelling reason why it’s best to break the habit and start doing something else.

4. Business Strategy — Ever heard of the Domino Strategy? See how the likes of Elon Musk has been using this technique to reach success.

5. Books — Learn strategies on how to process and resolve emotionally charged conflicts with this book by Dr. Daniel Shapiro, who is world-renowned for his work in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution.

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