Content curation has become an important tactic for brands to keep their online presence strong and relevant.

So much content is now available that it is difficult for audiences to pick out what is most relevant to them. As brands, it is our responsibility to help steer them in the right direction. But content curation is more than just sifting information. It’s a simple yet effective way of taking care of your customers and building a relationship with them.

This week on Five Tips Tuesday, we are giving you tips on how to boost your content curation strategy.

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Check out reasons why starting small still matters even if you have huge goals.

Learn how user-generated content can improve your digital marketing strategy.

Get awesome tips from Mailman Group on how to build and manage sports communities.

Take notes on how luxury brands use WeChat to communicate with their fanbase.

See why listening to your customers is as important as providing the right solutions to them.

So here we go…


Go big or go home. Who hasn’t heard of that phrase?

Most of us tend to think of creating this big impact that will change the world as we know it. But come to think of it, isn’t the biggest waves in history caused by the tiniest ripples?

See how you can inspire change in the smallest ways from this article by The Story of Telling.

Marketing Strategy

User-generated content is among the most influential content in today’s social media.

From testimonials, images, to reviews and blog posts, user generated content help your brand’s credibility. It also lets you reach new audiences and gives a great impression of how you treat your customers.

Here are the three ways you can utilize user-generated content to step up your digital marketing strategy.


The sports industry in China is colorful and competitive. Because of this, global sports rights holders are seeking to engage with them. But breaking into ‘the great Firewall’ of China is not as easy as it seems.

Get tips from China’s leading sports digital marketing agency on how to create and sustain professional sports communities in China.

China Marketing

We all know that WeChat is the leading social media platform in China. That’s why it makes sense for brands to get access to the world’s leading purchasing power through the app.

Do you ever wonder how luxury brands market their products on WeChat?

Check out this article and pick up some tips on how luxury brands use WeChat for their marketing.


Nowadays, people rely heavily on the internet for answers.  Because of this, search engines have become a tool that lets us know what our customers are looking for.

In this book, ‘They Ask, You Answer’, Marcus Sheridan talks to us about the value of finding out what your customers need through the oldest method in the book: asking the right questions and finding a suitable answer.

Check out his book. Get it on Amazon here.

Do you have other tips about content curation that you want to add? Tell us in the comments.

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