“Content is king.”

This phrase took the business world by storm. Due to the effectiveness of content marketing, many businesses are using this strategy to give their business a sharp competitive edge.

Content marketing is a trend that will continue to dominate the digital space. In fact, it’s considered as the present and the future of marketing. So if you’re not taking the leap yet, you’re missing a lot of opportunities.

But what type of content will fit your brand? And how are you going to market your products and services through it?

Let’s find out.

Content Marketing tips

What really is content marketing?

Content Marketing Institute defined it as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.”

Simply put, content marketing is storytelling. Unlike traditional marketing, it doesn’t talk directly about your company or the products you offer. Its primary concern is to connect with your audience and give them valuable, entertaining, and educational information.

Benefits of content marketing

1. Brand awareness

Brand awareness is one of the core strength of content marketing. It has the power to boost the relevance and visibility of a company, even if it’s a small one.

When your post strikes a chord, people will talk about it and share it with their friends. It can even go viral.

This will give you a solid presence in the market, especially in the digital space. More people will check out your brand and the products you offer.

2. Authority

Content marketing gives you the opportunity to become a trustworthy voice in your industry.

Through producing high-quality content like guides, tutorials, or reviews, you are proving your knowledge and expertise to your audience. This helps you earn your followers’ trust and respect. Your audience will think highly of your brand.

Also, if your content is getting links from external sources, your site’s domain authority and traffic will increase. Your search rankings will boost as well.

3. Increased conversions and better customer relationships

Once you’ve offered value and gained the trust of your audience, you can easily pitch your products or services. Remember, consumers only purchase products from brands that they trust.

It also gives you the chance to engage with your customers. This can help you develop a more personal relationship with them and gain their loyalty.

In addition, your content can bring in more site visitors, which can increase your conversions and traffic.

4. Cost efficient

Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing is more cost-effective. All you need is creativity, time, and helpful tools that can aid you in creating killer content.

Content Marketing infographic

Different Forms of Content

1. Blog posts

Blogging or content writing is the most accessible type of content. Most articles range from 500-2,000 words, and they often tackle issues that are related to a brand’s niche.

You can create a beautiful website on wordpress.org or Squarespace to kick-start your blogging. You can also post them on social media platforms like Facebook and WeChat.

2. Ebooks

Ebooks are effective tools for building authority and trust. The best thing about them is that they are downloadable, which means they offer more value to your readers.

They are also ideal for generating leads because you have the chance to opt in their contact information in exchange for your ebook.

3. Videos

Video content is a powerful storytelling medium. This type of content is at its peak today, mainly because it can evoke strong emotions and empathy.

Many brands are utilizing videos to share tutorials, product reviews, and step-by-step guides. You can post your video on different platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

4. Infographics

Infographics are creative visuals that can simplify complex ideas or present facts. They might look difficult to make, but there are free tools that can help you easily create stunning infographics, such as Visme and Visual.ly.

Infographics are shareable and engaging, especially on platforms like Pinterest.

5. Podcasts

Podcasting has grown steadily for years. This kind of content works best for people who have no time to read lengthy blog posts.

You can host your podcast on platforms like LibSyn and Blubrry.

6. Webinars

Webinars are interactive. You can use them to chat with your followers, answer their questions, or showcase your products and services.

7. Newsletters

Newsletters allow you to form a relationship with your consumers through sending content to their inboxes. When done well, they can help you build your email list.

8. White papers

This type of content offers solution and data on a particular subject. They are often packed with important information, which can help you become a thought leader in your industry.

How To Use Content To Market Your Business

Content Marketing story

Identify your goal

First, define your business’ objectives and goals. What’s the exact outcome you would like to see? Do you want to increase your sales or gain domain authority?

A clear set of goals will help you shape your marketing approach. It solidifies your plans and gives you direction. For example, if your goal is to enhance your domain authority, then you might want to focus on writing powerful blog posts. But if your target is to boost your sales, you can consider creating videos that showcase the value of your products.

It’s also vital to think about your brand’s core values, so your marketing efforts will align with your company’s culture.

Build a content strategy

A solid content strategy will help you connect and engage with your audience. This will also assure you that your content fits their needs and wants.

When forming your strategy, it’s crucial to think about your target audience. How do they want to receive the information from you? Do they spend more time on WeChat, Weibo, or Facebook?

Identifying these factors will help you choose the right content and platform to distribute them.

It’s recommended to create an editorial calendar as well. This tool keeps your content in check and on schedule. It also lets you visualize the content on a calendar-like interface, and helps you stay consistent in your platforms.

There are no strict rules in creating an editorial calendar. You can use Google Sheets, Google docs, or CoSchedule.

Create fun content

More and more companies are jumping into content marketing. To stand out, you have to produce awesome and valuable posts.

It’s best to spice up your content with enticing images and GIFs. Also, make sure that the tone and style fit your audience.

You can also ask your followers what they want to see or hear from you. Encourage them to give you some feedback, so you can offer more value.

Pro tip #1: Looking for ways to sharpen your content writing skills? Check out these hacks.

Don’t forget about SEO

SEO is a fundamental part of content marketing. Without it, your marketing efforts would go down the drain.

No matter how awesome your content is, your target audience won’t find it if it’s not optimized for search engines.

That’s why it’s important to utilize keywords and distribute them wisely throughout your content. When your content is visible in search engines, your domain authority, and site traffic will increase. This can also help you get new leads and boost your sales.

Pro tip #2: Did you know that SEO and social media impact each other? Learn more about it here and see how they can elevate your content marketing.

Leverage social media

Aside from SEO, social media also plays a crucial role in content marketing.

Since social media usage is continuously spiking up, there’s a huge chance that majority of your customers are there. You just have to reach them through strategically promoting your content.

There many tools that can help you plan your social media strategies, like Buffer and Hootsuite.

Measure and analyze

To determine the success and effectiveness of your content, you have to analyze your numbers.

Your marketing analytics can tell you how long the readers stay on your page, which post they like best, or which content generates sales.

To measure the performance of your content, you can use tools like Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, and Webtrends.

The Wrap Up

Content marketing is a buzzword that is here to stay, so it’s important that you invest in it. By utilizing this strategy, you’ll be able to achieve your business goals while giving your brand a solid reputation.

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