Our brain is wired to go against any form of discomfort.

It was designed that way to help us survive as a species. After millions of years of fighting off wild animals, burning ourselves in fire, and battling elements of nature, our brains have evolved into a warning device that tells us if something’s amiss.

Speaker and Consultant Ethan Chazin discuss the processes of change our brain undergoes. From the fast and agile Prefrontal Cortex, the fight-or-flight response of the Amygdala to the automated response controller, the Basal Ganglia.

According to his article, our brains are the ones to blame for our resistance to anything unfamiliar.

But the good thing is, you can also train your brain to get comfortable with the unknown, starting with the way you think about change.

Our Brains: Fight or Flight

Comfort breeds boredom and dissatisfaction.

At some point, when you have mastered the tasks and memorized the lines, routine kicks in. It leaves you asking “What is lacking?”

Author Michael Hyatt once said, “Happiness comes from growth and feeling like you are making progress.” And it is true. We must learn how to love the constant quest of discomfort because this is where we grow.

The excitement we feel whenever we do new tasks and get recognized for our efforts are among the great rewards of facing the unknown with courage and optimism.

This explains the excitement whenever we do tasks and get recognized for our efforts. It is only in seeking the unexpected rewards of uncertain success that we find real happiness.

Embracing discomfort brings sweet rewards. Here are a few that you can look forward to.

1. Pushing Limits becomes a Habit. Only by being accepting of new things do we learn to grow. Through pushing our boundaries, we learn how to set the tone in our minds and make us more open to accepting the challenges that come our way.

2. Risk-taking Attract Opportunities. Success brought about by overcoming difficulties creates more openings. As we thrive, we welcome new opportunities as our confidence level continue to boost.

3. Productivity Soars. Chances come, results follow. The more things you do, the more lessons you learn. A new skill adds up to your repertoire and things become easier to do, therefore adding up to your productivity.

“Discomfort awakens the consciousness.”

–Laila Gifty Akitah

4. Quick Thinking. By constant exposure to discomfort, our minds respond fast to a difficult situation. Solutions come in naturally.

5. Mistakes bring Hope. You learn about the person’s character on how they react to failure. The fear of it can be paralyzing for some, but when you learn how to accept your mistakes, it becomes liberating.

6. Adapt Swiftly to Change.Brushing off mistakes and getting back up is easier. You become a quick thinker and adjust better to changes, therefore it’s easier to calculate your reactions and prepare for its results.

7. Success Magnifies. Overcoming challenges give you a feeling of accomplishment. You become more confident in yourself and it makes you feel ready to take on bigger tasks.

Being aware of your discomforts give you enlightenment.

It opens our minds to possibilities that are waiting to be uncovered. Pushing yourself to your limit brings growth. All difficulties are worth it once you see the results when you overcome them.


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