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Crowdfunding has been an emerging industry in the global scene. Derived from the concept of micro-financing, crowdfunding is a great way for beginner entrepreneurs and those looking at launching a startup project to experience how it is to run a business, from getting investors, prototyping, production, and distribution. But what does it take to make sure your campaign becomes successful? Is having a great product enough to ensure your project to be fully funded?

In this week’s edition of Five Tips Tuesday, we share with you what you need to know about crowdfunding and how to increase the odds of success of your first crowdfunding project.

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1. Inspiration — Pradeep Soundararajan is a co-founder at Appachhi & Founder Managing Director at Moolya. He is also an Uber driver, despite being a self-made billionaire through his start-up company that created analytics driven automated performance testing for mobile apps. Through driving for Uber, he was able to grow his network, determine pain points of businesses and offer solutions to entrepreneurs, gets practical advice on how to run a business and get access to potential investors to his start up. See how he did it here

2. Management Tips — So you think you are ready to launch your campaign? Before you do, check out this list of how to make your launching easier and manageable so you could fine tune what needs to be done. Check it out here.

3. Website — Can’t decide which platform to use for your campaign? Here’s a quick map that can help you decide which will fit your products and services and help you determine your target market. See ithere.

4. APPS — Since crowdfunding mostly happens online, creating a strong online presence is as important as the products and services you offer. The Gadget Flow has come up with a list of apps, websites and services that can help you create a buzz online, and also help gather loyal followers for your brand. See the list here.

5. Article— Networking is also vital in the success of your start-up campaign. By tapping to the proper channels, it will be easier for you to spread the word about your project and also get help in promoting and even selling your products. Social media platforms like Facebook can now make it possible to reach those who are not in your circle. See how you can use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to your advantagehere.

Got more to add to our list? We’d love to hear from you!.

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