Get Crowdfunded: The Essentials

A structured workshop on how to increase the likelihood of your crowdfunding success by Joe Constanty and Holly Sharp, Co-founders of PURPLE SPREAD 

Crowdfunding has made it easier for entrepreneurs and startups to introduce their products and services to the market. Among the popular crowdfunding websites are Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which has served as a testing ground for budding businessmen to see how consumers will receive their ideas and how well they could handle tricky situations that come with the territory. Unfortunately, not every campaign ends well. As of October 2015, only 36.75% of Kickstarter projects were successfully funded with over 1.73 Billion USD raised.

This workshop aims to help founders, entrepreneurs, and startups increase the likelihood of your campaign’s success. We will be discussing how you can lay the foundation of your crowdfunding journey through branding, storytelling, project preparation and how important it is to create a following before your launch.

In this workshop, you will: 

  • Learn and understand the essential elements of building your brand that is key to your campaign’s success on Kickstarter and Indiegogo
  • Watch, read and analyze top project pages and learn the key elements and imagery that you can apply to future projects
  • Understand the approach of building awareness for a project prior to launch, the broad scope of work and methods that can be applied to your project and help increase the likelihood of its success
  • Get your questions about crowdfunding addressed by the Purple Spread Team by the end of the event

Who should attend?

  • Individuals or Teams who are considering crowdfunding
  • Entrepreneurs who want to understand how crowdfunding works

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About Joe

With eleven years of creating companies under his belt in China, Joe is known to hustle even in his sleep. He’s both the co-founder of THE UT.LAB, the most crowd funded footwear brand on Kickstarter, and an advisor to various China-based lifestyle brands. He’s also weirdly obsessed with connecting people and building incredible brand stories. Joe believes in the 80/20 principle. 80% jam and 20% butter on his toast.

About Holly

Half a decade of launching products for a Fortune 500 company made Holly realize something: she’s addicted to sending awesome shit into the world. She’s a purple spreading natural. Armed with an MBA and a ‘say no to me and you will die’ attitude, Holly believes that process, data, and great partners are necessary to take the good ideas to next level greatness. Oh and tools, lots and lots of tools!

About Purple Spread

We’re devoted to helping makers launch epic products into the world. Getting crazy fans kicking down your door and making the media shout your name from the rooftops are just some of the things we do. Oh, and did we mention getting crowdfunded? We are crowd funding and brand storytelling agency that works with Asia-based projects to launch them to the world.

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Here’s a recent TECHNODE article featuring Joe Constanty and get some great Kickstarter tips for projects from China. Check it out here:

Details about this workshop:

Date: April 14
From 9 AM to 11 AM
Location: XNODE

Price: 350 RMB but thanks to our sponsor we can offer some tickets at a discounted price of 200 RMB for the early birds! Check if there are some still available!

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