Once a week we plan to drop some knowledge on you about the world of crowdfunding.

Everything from startups to branding. Let us peruse the web to find you some interesting weekly insights, tips, and best practices in five easy to digest bullet points.
So let’s get started…
1) Something you need to read before you get started:

Years ago I had a mentor that told me to always do my homework. No matter how far along you are with thinking about a crowdfunding campaign you must read the Creator Handbook from Kickstarter. You got to know the basics before you can do the deep dive exercises. >>

2) A video you must watch and learn from:

Every now and then rules and norms need to be broken to shake things up. The team over at Next Thing Co. did exactly that last summer when they delivered their video pitch in just 60 seconds and just killed it…it makes us smile every time we watch it. >>

3) A guest blog you may have missed last year:

Getting from an idea to a crowd funding platform is not as easy as it looks. Doing that from here in Asia is even especially more difficult when you try to launch on Kickstarter. With all the regulations that Kickstarter puts in place, it may be worth it for most Asia based teams to focus on Kickstarter. But, if your are set on going to Kickstarter, have a look at this Technode post one of our co-founders made last year that teaches the ins and outs of getting your USA company set up. It took him months to figure it all out. You can learn it in minutes, read on. >>

4) Crowdfunding is not always about the next great tech gadget:

Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa? on Kickstarter is blowing up at the moment, and we suggest you have a look at it while it still has one week left to be funded. And look at it this way, you back it and you can tell your friends your a patron of the arts. >>

5) We are voracious readers and we hope you are too:

Some of the books we have open on our Kindle right now: Cultural Strategy by Holt and Cameron takes s deep dive analytical approach to how social culture shifts play a role in brand development. Ask by Levesque is, well you guessed it, the art of the ask — something every great campaign must have. And we just cracked open the Social Animal by Brooks that came well recommended by colleagues.

We’re pretty sure we’ve got a 1 in 5 chance of you liking one of these links above. So get clicking and please feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues.

Happy that it’s Friday.

Courtesy of PurpleSpread.com, Crowdfunding Gurus


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