And now we’re on our 21st issue. This week we talk about how to connect with syndicates and angel investors with AngelList, a Kickstarter desk toy to help you focus, crowdfunding tips from Agency 2.0’s COO Jonathan Chaupin, the best analytics tools for your campaign, and a book that will help spark your best ideas. So, let’s get going…

1) Find team members and investors in one platform:

Naval Ravinkant and Babak Nivi wanted to help entrepreneurs and investors get together and simplify the process of raising money for early stage businesses. Thus AngelList was born: a platform for startups, investors and job seekers looking to work with startups and crowdfunding campaigns. See how you can be part of this network.>>

2) Apparently fidgeting is worth more than a million dollars:

This Kickstarter campaign has now earned a whopping $1.1 Mil, with 32,000 backers and still growing. And they still got 40 days to go. It’s the Fidget Cube, a high-quality desk toy that’s designed by Anty Lab to help you focus. Throw out your old stress ball and get one for yourself.>>

3) Agency 2.0 is shifting its gears towards Investment Crowdfunding

Jonathan Chaupin, COO for Agency 2.0 talks about how they went from helping startups manage their campaign to investment crowdfunding. Check out his insights on the ever changing crowdfunding industry and some tips for project creators and how they could manage their campaigns well.>>

4) Boost your project’s success with the best analytic tools: 

The use of analytics tools can help maximize your project’s success. Here you can get information that will let you create strategies to help get your campaign to your targets. From traffic analysis to data on backer growth and tracking link clicks, The Gadget Flow has summed up the best tools you can use.>>

5) Now reading on Kindle:

Steve Johnson talks about how we come up with our Eureka! moments in his book Where Good Ideas Come From. Here he shows us seven key patterns behind every genuine innovation, and shows us how you can come up with yours.>>

Courtesy of, Crowdfunding Gurus 

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