It’s time for our ninth issue in our bulletin series. Podcasts like Audio Jungle, planners, and air conditioners are all a part of this week’s lineup. So here we go…

1) Project video music for less than $50, is it possible?:

Yes, it is. We’ve been using a lovely little site called Audio Jungle for years to pay and get license rights for our videos. Figure it will take at least two different tracks for a single video. Get your headphones out and starting cranking up the tunes. >>

2) Even smart air conditioners are cool on Kickstarter:

Sorry for the terrible pun. Developed in the city of “Brotherly Love”, the team at Likuma Labs have smashed through their funding goal of $250,000 for the NORIA, and have a little under a day remaining. Great design, established team, and an intense focus on the features has pushed the NORIA to success. >>

3) The planner that outperforms all others:

If you’re about to set off into the Kickstarter realm, you are most likely doing it with a massive leap of faith. Two years ago the team over at the Passion Planner in San Diego launched a $500k campaign. Their planners are incredible inspirational tools designed to get your creative juices pointed in the right direction. If you are in cash crunch start-up mode, then you can bypass the paid version, and download the printable PDF here. >>

4)  An MVP hater and founding father of the modern internet:

The Tim Ferriss’ podcast does an incredible job of dissecting some of the most incredible people in their respective fields. In his latest release, he sits down with Marc Andreesson for an epic conversation that touches on an insane amount of topics in the start-up and investment world.Well worth your time, get listening. >>

5) Reading this book again, because the author told us so:

In our first issue, we told you about a book called ASK. by Ryan Levesque (he actually lived in Shanghai for awhile while working for AIG). This book dives hardcore into building out digital marketing funnels and provides best practices that you need to be employing today. Pick it up on Kindle. >>

Yep, it’s Friday again…hooray!

Courtesy of, Crowdfunding Gurus 

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