We’re now on our fifteenth. This week we bring you tips on getting the right feedback for your startup from Betalist, a travel bag you can almost fit your room in, a razor that raked in the bucks, how to do better in networking events and how to conquer your ego. So, let’s go…


1) Need to get a better understanding of your target market?:

Getting the right kind of feedback from your prototype’s first 100 users can help direct you to the right path. See how Betalist gets you the results you need. >> 

2) The only travel bag you’ll ever need:

From the guys that brought you Basics Wallet and Notebook comes the Nomatic Travel Bag, the perfect fit for your nomadic lifestyle. See how much you can actually fit in this thing.>> 

3) This razor company just made a sharp deal:

It’s amazing how The Dollar Shave Club disrupted the business of men’s grooming with the humble razor and some pretty funny ads. Now it’s being bought for a whopping 1 billion dollars.>> 

4) Networking 101 for introverts 

Every entrepreneur knows how vital networking is, but not everyone finds it easy to do. Here are some great tips on how to meet people and actually have a conversation with like-minded individuals on your next networking event. >>

5) Currently reading on Kindle:

In a world where you are often asked what makes you special, “Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday challenges us to conquer our own egos and keep your feet on the ground. Download it on Kindle.>> 

The heat is on. Go party at the beach this weekend.

Courtesy of PurpleSpread.com, Crowdfunding Gurus 

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