Well, what do you know? We’re on the nineteenth issue. This week we’ve got a website to help you keep track of your brand’s online score with Brand24, a charger that runs on water, how crowdfunding helped athletes in the Rio Olympics, why you need to make a content calendar and inspiration from one of the most iconic shoe brands in the world. So, let’s go…

1) Do you know how you score online? Well, we’ve found a free tool for that… :

Brand24 lets you identify and analyze your brand’s online presence across social media. It can also let you “spy” on what your competition’s up to. Try it now.>>

2) Never run out of batteries again with EStream:

For the outdoorsy people amongst us… we’ve found a Kickstarter that keeps you powered up. The project video is a good example of graphics overlay to describe features, but a not-so-compelling voice over. Go have a look.>>

3) Here’s how crowdfunding made dreams come true:

Most people relate crowdfunding to innovative products and startup companies. However, platforms like GoFundMe also allow communities to crowdfund and donate to a cause. Ones like the recently concluded Rio Olympics. With more than 81,000 donors, GoFundMe created a dedicated hub which helped athletes fund their Olympic dreams. >>

4) Establish your presence on social media: 

Shopify Blog lists down the top reasons why you should have a content calendar for your business plus some great tips on how to make great content.>>

5) An inspirational Kindle Read:

When everyone thinks of Nike today, we think of the behemoth global powerhouse it has become. But, Phil Knight, author of Shoe Dog, was just like every start-up founder in the early days, bootstrapping it (or maybe sneaker-strapping it in his case). Download it on Kindle, and start learning from Knight himself.>> 

Sweater season’s coming. Get your scarves out.

Courtesy of PurpleSpread.com, Crowdfunding Gurus 

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