Welcome to our 22nd edition. This week we have the Creative Live filmmaking, drone “feel-good” story, a mesh network Kickstarter, some tips for video making, and the biography of Elon you must read. So let’s get moving…

1) Video making can be a struggle, so learn the basics:

For many people, their biggest fear about launching a crowdfunding project is not the product launch, but the making of the video.It is definitely not something everyone should take on, but even if you do plan to outsource the production, it is good to know the basics so you can have smart conversations with your videographer. Creative Live has a good starter course. >>

2) Can mesh networking be Kickstarted?

The team at goTenna seems to believe so. It’s a great product, but even a better execution of their videodr. They smartly broke their video into two distinct sections that firstly capture use cases, ask for your support, and then smoothly revert back into the story behind their team and product development. Have a look at the goTenna project for inspiration for your video. >>

3) Have you reserved your trademark yet?: 

Before you shell out tons of cash for that trademark search with a lawyer, start your search with Trademarkia. Many of our companies have gone the full registration through Trademarkia without ever calling a lawyer. Get your search started. >>

4) How a small Kickstarter reached out to a giant for help when production went south: 

Sometimes even the big boys may be a good outlet for assistance. When AirDog’s campaign became a huge success, they ran into massive production problems, and on a whim, they reached out to drone giant, DJI, for help. Make sure you keep all options open in your own production. >>

5) Now listening on Audible:

Learning from others great successes and failures are essential to building the knowledge and thick skin to build your successful startup, team, or whatever project you may be working on. From Zip2 to Tesla, Ashlee Vance gets inside access to Elon Musk, in a new title “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future”.

Courtesy of PurpleSpread.com, Crowdfunding Gurus 

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