We’re now on our eighteenth edition. Today we give you Feedly, a website for curated content, a buckle-less belt from Indiegogo, how branding agencies can stay relevant, learning tips from industry leaders and how to get inspiration for your next big project. So, here we go…

1) Find all the blogs you love in one place:

Feedly curates all your favorite blogs, articles and resources so you won’t miss out on what you need to know. Sign up now and start curating.>>

2) The belt just got revamped:

FreeBelt takes away the bulgy buckles and lets you just snap and go. Join FunHouse Designs and its 500+ backers and back this project on Indiegogo today.>> 

3) Do we really understand what branding is?:

Paul Woods from Edenspiekermann discusses three big topics that branding agencies need to tackle to stay relevant in the digital world.>> 

4) What can you learn in five hours?:

Industry leaders like Bill Gates, Oprah and Warren Buffet swear by the Five-Hour Rule as one of the secrets to their success. See how you can do it too.>>

5) Good read from Kindle:

Need help in coming up with ideas for upcoming projects? Have a look at Jan Chipchase’s “Hidden in Plain Sight” to aid you with your brainstorming session. Download it on Kindle.>>

Go have fun this weekend.

Courtesy of PurpleSpread.com, Crowdfunding Gurus 

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