The eleventh edition of the Friday Five bulletin is ready to rock. This week we get some insights to hire freelancers on Guru, long-term marketing planning, Google Shopping, an AI Kickstarter and more. So here we go…

1) Sometimes we need more than one option:

When Upwork changed it’s pricing policies we set out to look for new options that reduced our overall fee structure, especially for the freelancers we are hiring. We found GURU, go and have a look. >>

2) Getting found online is not as easy as it looks:

The post-Kickstarter shock hits many successful campaigns when they realize the traffic they were able to drive to their campaign evaporates very quickly when they need to start driving sales on their own website. Google Shopping is a great option for a cost-effective acquisition engine.Have a look at this Shopify tutorial to learn more about Google Shopping. >>

3) Marketing planning doesn’t need to be a terrifying exercise:

The folks over at CoSchedule have put together a how-to guide to get you started with your team today. Great marketing campaigns are built with a lot of input from your team, but it needs to be systemized. When you click this link, make sure you have about 20 minutes of time to digest their process. >>

4)  Did you know? AI is trending on Kickstarter:

Kickstarter has periods of ebbs and flows for what’s hot and what’s not. We are seeing growth in “AI” projects at the moment. 2013 was a year of wearables. 2014-15 was the time of drones, and now it is AI. Have a look at the VI project by LifeBeam which has done $500k+ in its first two weeks. >>

5) We haven’t started to read this yet, but picked it up on the suggestion of Marc Andreessen:

Sometimes we cannot put back a book in a week, but we wanted to get you something new to look at. After listening to a recent Tim Ferriss podcast with Marc Andreessen, we were turned onto the biography of Walt Disney, “Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination”. How can’t you be inspired by Walt?!? Find it here on Amazon. >>

It’s EURO 2016…which game are you watching this weekend?

Courtesy of, Crowdfunding Gurus 


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