Ten and counting…it’s time for the tenth edition of the Friday Five where we have some awesome hiring practices from First Round, a Free MIT edX course, Indiegogo, e-commerce website ideas, and creating a happy culture are all in store for you this week. So let’s get rolling…


1) How to turn production time into sales with InDemand on Indiegogo:

No joke, hipsters like lunch boxes. So much so, that Prepd was able to raise $1.4million in 30 days on Kickstarter. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, the Prepd team has taken full advantage of the InDemand feature (which we spoke about in a previous post here) and raised an additional $400k. Go and have a look for yourself. >>

2) MITx is in the business of creating entrepreneurs for free?:

Laurie Stach over at MITx is launching the next MIT LAUNCH X course on June 27, and enrollment is free. We’re signing up because we’ve heard great things. Have a look and decide for yourself over at edX. >>

3) Inspirations for the ecommerce site you will launch post-crowdfunding:

It’s never too early to start thinking about what your online presence will look like after your successful crowdfunding launch. More often than not, founders leave this to while they’re running a campaign. Have a look at the top 30 ecommerce sites from Shopify to get some useful inspiration. >>

4)  The number one mistake of most start-ups? :

Hiring the wrong people. The classic case of a founder being too busy to hire great people. If you’re not running your own campaign, you better have somebody who is a “Trailblazer”. This is the one link you must read this week from First Round Review. And then read it again and again, until it is deeply engrained in you. >>

5) Reading this book again, well because it should be annual reading:

Tony Hsieh has created a behemoth of a shoe website at Zappos.com, and he has done it on the back of one of the zaniest corporate environments you will ever encounter. Who says you can’t build a $1billion dollar company while having fun? If you haven’t yet, you need to buy “Delivering Happiness” today on Amazon, the company that paid $1billion to buy Zappos. >>

Yep, it’s Dragon Boat Friday!

Courtesy of Purple Spread, Crowdfunding Gurus 


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