So in our second installment of the Friday Five we have decided to take a look back at a book we love, perks ideas we found fun at Indiegogo crowdfunding, skillets that sell for millions, and projects that made us face palm.

Without further ado…
1) Quirky perk ideas from the team at Indiegogo

Indiegogo, a crowdfunding community, coming up with ideas for perks can always be a daunting task, especially when you are trying to make sure your they are in line with your P&L. Sometimes thinking way outside of the box can help. Have a look at some of these more off the beaten track perks for inspiration with Indiegogo >>

2) A video you must watch and learn from:

For a second week in a row we want to show you a video that breaks conventionality of crowdfunding videos. This time it comes from the team over at Baubax and their “World’s Best Travel Jacket” campaign on Indiegogo that ships later this month. Our favorite moment comes at 1:55, have a look. >>

3) An old Reddit thread with a lot of great learnings:

Eric Migicovsky is often credited with unleashing the Kickstarter “dream” on the world when his first Pebble project broke all crowd funding records. Creating a community that wants to support you is built from hundreds of hours of effort. Take a look inside how Eric nurtured this Reddit community by listening, learning, and implementing their ideas. >>

4) Two skillets, and a million dollar difference in funding:

The proof is in the pudding here. Both the Field Company and The Borough Furnace had a great heritage product for the kitchen, a cast iron skillet. One team decided to get into the head of their customer and build something they would love beyond the cooking utensil, and the other just asked for help. Watch and learn how building your brand foundation and a relatable story created 50x in funds raised. >>

5) We are voracious readers and we hope you are too:

We were scrolling through our Kindle and came across “Reality is Broken, an amazing book by Stanford PhD. Jane McGonigal. Jane explores the power of gamification and how we can all improve our lives and possibly our businesses.

Have a lovely weekend ahead!

Courtesy of, Crowdfunding Gurus 


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