Today we’re dropping the sixth issue of the Friday Five, and this week we take a look at Indiegogo InDemand, Legos for hipsters, Etsy manufacturing, paddle boarding, and powering your remote workforce.

So without further ado…

1) Indiegogo quietly launches InDemand:

Indiegogo is constantly trying to open new doors for makers to expand their sales channels, and InDemand is one tool that project founders should explore once their traditional crowdfunding period expires. Note: Kickstarters are eligible too, no discrimination here.  You can think of it like one more door to your online storefront. >>

2) If Lego promises endless play, then Brixo is endless play for the tech geek:

The team over at Brixo is clearly taking their project very tongue and cheek. They are breaking the norms with a parody of many KS videos. It clearly seems to be working. See how they’ve raised $500K+. >>

3) Etsy is a maker haven, but they have some great tips for manufacturing:

Etsy has built itself up around the artisans and craftsmen movement, but there always comes a time when you as a maker can no longer make everything by hand. It’s one thing to be a designer and maker, it is a whole new skill set to learn what it takes to manage your jump into manufacturing. Etsy has organized a tight guide to get you in order. >>

4)  A 5-hour a day workday helps sell paddle boards, because of storytelling matters:

More now than ever your company culture matters when telling your story. Tower Paddle Boards would most likely have never been featured by Inc. if it was just selling boards, but it used one of its cultural practices to stand out and get noticed by the media and more importantly its local community. People want to know more about you, see how Tower Paddle Boards tells that story. >>

5) Back to our Kindle again this week, remote help wanted:

As you begin to ready yourself for your campaign, it’s never too late to bring on some extra hands to help support the project launch. Jason Fried from the 37Signals crew re-writes the bible on how to collaborate with a remote team, Remote: Office Not Required.

Hopefully, your Cinco de Mayo hangover has cleared up!

Courtesy of, Crowdfunding Gurus 


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