The twelfth edition of the Friday Five bulletin is rocking and rolling. Funding indie films on Kickstarter is still possible, Slack the tool everyone is using to communicate in the Valley , a new podcast you must subscribe to, Xiaomi is launching crowdfunded bikes and more… So let’s get the weekend started.

1) Everyone in the Valley is using it, why aren’t you?:

When we launched Purple Spread we immediately transitioned all internal communications to Slack, and have never looked back. Yes, it has some small issues, but wow is it better than email to manage each element of an ongoing campaign. From #prelaunch to #video to #rewards, Slack has definitely made things easier to organize conversations around. See if Slack is for you and your team. >>

2) Getting insights from the best in the VC world should be your daily download:

We’ve been following Marc Andreessen for years, but never got hooked on his podcast until recently after his interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast. Andreessen has his own podcast that runs the gamut from Biotech to drones. You may just realize that Fintech is your thing. >>

3) Xiaomi has gone mobile, and we’re not talking phones:

Xiaomi has begun to get its hands in even more cookie jars with the launch of their electric bike, MI QICYCLE. Their hands may be in many jars, but they are keeping true to their roots of using crowdfunding to launch new products. Granted it does help to have a database of millions to launch a new product. >>

4)  Yes, indie films are still raising considerable funds on Kickstarter:

The director behind the documentary “Helvetica” has launched a Kickstarter, yes there is a documentary on that font you always see in your Microsoft Word drop down panel, and a documentary you must watch because, well, fonts are cool. Gary Hustwit wants to bring to life the character behind Dieter Rams, the godfather of modern industrial design. Didn’t you always wonder why your Braun calculator was designed the way it was?  Well, this Kickstarter will give you the inside scoop. >>

5) Just downloaded on Audible:

Kevin Kelly is a genius, a futurist, and just an incredibly humble person; not to mention he comes into our neck of the woods at least four times a year. Kelly just released “Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future”. We’ve been listening to a few chapters so far, and after just a few hours we are super excited about what lays ahead, and knowing that work we do at Purple Spread to bring epic ideas to life via crowdfunding makes it even more exciting. Find the new release here on Amazon. >>

It’s been a hot and sticky week, why not cool off this weekend at the Design In Shanghai workshop?

Courtesy of, Crowdfunding Gurus 


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