It’s time for our fifth issue of the Friday Five Crowdfunding Tips.

This week we say happy birthday to Kickstarter, we’ll shed some light on our favorite WordPress themes for pre-launch landing pages, Backerkits up-sales tools for once your campaign is closed, and a story about Bell Labs that’s just awesome. So here we go…

1) Look no further than these two WordPress themes when setting up brilliant landing pages:

Believe it or not, your crowdfunding campaign begins months in advance of your actual launch. That means you need a landing page to perform two main tasks: 1) collect emails for your fan club and 2) test your messaging and calls to action. Look no further than THE7 or THE-X theme on WordPress. >>

2) A video you must watch and learn from this holiday weekend because you have more time to be PRESENT:

Sometimes we tend to be caught up in the hustle of our professional and personal lives, and we literally forget to stop and smell the roses. The PRESENT campaign set out four years ago to do just that. The beautiful part about this campaign video is that for the first sixty seconds you have no idea what the product is that you will be buying. Watch, enjoy, and stay in the present. >>

3) It’s not over until you have shipped — sell, sell, sell!:

Just when you thought the madness had ended, fulfillment begins. The scary part about this time of your project is that you typically aren’t selling anything. The team over at Backerkit has been changing that for about two years now, and now they have released some interesting insights to help you up-sell after your campaign is finished.  Project creators are making money even after their campaign closes, find out how. >>

4) Happy Birthday, Kickstarter! 7! Let’s see how the first 100,000 projects have changed the world:

Kickstarter turned 7 yesterday…happy birthday, folks! Earlier this year they reached their 100,000th backed project. Keep in mind they had 185,000 projects that failed. That being said let’s look at how the other 100,000 projects have already changed the world in their own way. >>

5) Back to our Kindle again this week, and we were searching for innovation:

Sometimes we tend to take for granted all the tools that have become ubiquitous to our daily lives. Tools that have allowed us to become a generation of makers and creators. If you want to have your mind blown away by what one incredible company was responsible for inventing in the 20th Century, then go pick up “The Idea Factory – Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation”, by Jon Gertner. This one is a must-read for all.

Happy May Day Holiday! For all you Americans, it’s the rest of the worlds’ labor day 🙂

Courtesy of, Crowdfunding tips Gurus 


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