In our seventh issue of the Friday Five, we want to drop some NASA, British crowdfunding, an insanely easy CRM to help manage your outreach, and a first glance at what’s to come in the shift to “equity” crowdfunding.

1) Is it possible? A free CRM that’s intuitive:

So Hubspot just went free.99 on their incredibly intuitive and automated CRM. This tool knows more about some of our sales leads than we do. Get your CRM on today. >>

2) Who wouldn’t want to play mini golf in Trafalgar Square?:

We couldn’t help ourselves for loving this campaign that has London Design Festival and Paul Smith bringing “crazy golf to central London. The British campaign is limping along (and if you watch the video you’ll know why)…but the concept is a ton of fun. Take some learnings from what not to do with a video, but support their cause! >>

3) Crowdfunding for equity is nearly here, are you eligible?:

Years in the making, and nearly the entirety of the Obama administration and then some, the SEC is on the brink of unleashing a beast for equity crowdfunding. This is a completely different animal than your traditional rewards based crowdfunding that we have become accustomed to with Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Get your reading glasses out for this piece from the SEC that outlines the next step that is just around the corner. >>

4)  The Geek in us enjoyed I/O Day from Google:

Well, it wasn’t a new phone that captured the audience’s attention on Wednesday, it was a clear move towards VR, something that Occulus and Kickstarter had a hand in bringing mainstream a couple years back with their mega campaign. Have a look here at what Google I/O had on offer.>>

5) Reading, but not on our Kindle this week:

Not so long ago a small idea turned into a $940,000 Kickstarter campaign, that became the catalyst for the re-printing of the 1974 NASA Graphics Standards Manual. Unfortunately, we missed the Kickstarter, but you can still pick up a copy here, and explore the world of graphic design, NASA style. >>

High five…it’s Friday!

Courtesy of, Crowdfunding Gurus 


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