We’re now on lucky number 13. This week we want to make your team better, we have a tool to track accomplishments, learn how to become a million dollar success, how to get noticed by Kickstarter bloggers and a pretty cool bike. So let’s get things started.

1) Don’t know what your team’s accomplished this year? Try iDoneThis:

Running a project can get crazy at times, so knowing who’s doing what is a must. iDoneThis lets you track your team’s work and give instant feedback. Learn how you can get your team started today.>> 

2) Get bloggers to be a part of your Kickstarter success: 

If you want to be picked up by the Fast Companys of the world, you first need to lay your foundations with smaller, niche-specific blogs. Getting noticed by Kickstarter bloggers is a lot of hard work, so check out these tips on how to get your crowd’s attention.>> 

3) From $0 to $100M in just 24 months? Yes it’s possible:

Philip Krim, CEO of Casper talks about how he grew his company through focusing on innovation and experience. Learn how he built a $100M business competing with the giants. Paying attention to customer pain points did the trick.>>

4)  Bikes, bikes and more bikes are a trend in crowdfunding right now:

The SpeedX Leopard is the result of more than 1500 sketches and 12 prototypes. Now it’s live on Indiegogo and it’s killing it. Follow the trend and maybe back a bike today.>>

5) Midafternoon Kindle Reading:

Entrepreneurs, we all have bad habits. We need to get rid of them and focus on creating good ones. “The Power of Habits: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” by Charles Duhigg dives deep into how habits are formed and how you can control them. Download it on Kindle.>>

It’s Friday. It’s hot. Get to the pool this weekend.

Courtesy of PurpleSpread.com, Crowdfunding Gurus 

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