And just like that, we’re on our 20th edition. Big news… HK and Singapore project creators, Kickstarter is now open to you! This is huge. We also dabble in Slidebean, a deck creation tool, twitter PR, Perk creation and a must read from Ben Horrowitz. So, let’s get going…

1) Create stunning presentations with Slidebean:

Do you publish your decks online? Well, maybe Slidebean can help you do it a bit more efficiently and intelligently. Give it a test drive for yourself.>> 

2) Hooray! Creators from HK and Singapore can now launch on Kickstarter:

As of yesterday, the Far East is finally on the vaunted list of Kickstarter Creator Countries, not everywhere, but at least HK and Singapore. So that means us China creators can get launching with our HK companies… but first check out this 13-year-old from Singapore, what a cool project.>> 

3) A how-to “Spread The Word” for campaign organizers:

Inspired by the questions and answers collected from Campus and Twitter, Kickstarter launches a guide on how to get media attention towards your campaign. Here’s a quick list of how to do it.>>

4) Use perks to amplify your Kickstarter campaign: 

Did you know that campaigns with perks raise an average of 143% more than campaigns without? If you need help creating a perks strategy for your campaign, Indiegogo’s got what you need. Here’s a guide on how you could create enticing perks to attract more backers.>> 

5) Currently reading on Kindle:

When Ben Horowitz, co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz candidly talks about the true hardships of running a business in The Hard Thing About Hard Things. If you’re starting a new venture, going through rough times and need practical advice on how to manage your business, then this is for you. Download it on Kindle.>> 

Courtesy of, Crowdfunding Gurus 

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