In the seventeenth issue of Friday Five, we let you in on ways to optimize the use of Trello, how a Kickstarter campaign can keep you fit, how to use keywords to spread your content, the elements of designing an awesome landing page, and a breather from the usual books we read. So, let’s go…

1) Run your business more effectively with Trello:

Trello has been known to be great for organizing your work stuff, but did you know you can practically use it for onboarding, town hall meeting and even product roadmaps? See how you can do it here.>> 

2) Take your gym wherever you go:

Ultralight, easy to use and takes only a minute to set up, Monkii Bars 2 gets you pumped up even when you’re on the go. No wonder they’ve got 3000 people (and counting) clicking on the green button.>>

3) Get your content out there:

Indiegogo comes up with great tips on how to use SEO to your advantage. Here’s how you and your team can maximize keywords and get it delivered to the right audience.>> 

4) Here’s why you need to build an awesome landing page for your business:

A well-designed landing page can help generate leads for your business. Oli Gardner, co-founder of Unbounce shares the five key parts you need to focus on to convert customers, create potential collaborations and build customer loyalty. >>

5) Currently reading on Kindle:

Sometimes we need to take a break from reading business and self-help books and dive into some fiction. “The Mandibles” by Lionel Shriver is a critical look at what our near future may entail. Sometimes it’s good to escape, so pick up a copy today. Download it on Kindle.>>

Have a donut. You know you deserve it.

Courtesy of, Crowdfunding Gurus 

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