As the saying goes, no man is an island. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or working remotely at home, connecting with a strong digital nomad community is necessary.

Digital nomad communities can provide you the support and comfort you need. They often organize a meet-up or create an online platform where digital nomads can connect with each other. Here, you’ll find people who understand your lifestyle and appreciate your value. They can help you hone your skills, especially in handling complicated projects or running a business. Also, when home-sickness or a burnout is on your way, they can save you from losing your sanity.

So this week on Five Tips Tuesday, we gathered tips that will help you find the right digital nomad community that will fit your needs.

Check out a list of awesome places to visit for digital nomads.

Get tips on how you can build a strong social circle online and offline.

Find out the blogs a digital nomad should follow.

Discover the tools and apps that will help you become more productive while on the go.

And lastly, check out our book suggestion to help you connect and build lasting relationships online and offline.

Digital Nomad Community tips

Travel Guide

As a digital nomad, your environment plays a huge role in your success and growth. You need a place that suits your needs; a stable internet connection, rent rates that fit your budget, and helpful locals.

Check this website and find out the best places for digital nomads.


Being a digital nomad can be lonely, especially if you’re always moving to a new city. When you’re surrounded by unfamiliar faces with different cultures, it can be exhausting to make an effort creating new connections.

The good thing is, global communities are now available through online forums and social media. By connecting with these communities, you can ensure a friendly face even when visiting unfamiliar places.

See how you can create lasting connections even when on the road.


Digital nomads are sharing their stories and experiences online, and their blogs and websites have become reliable resources for many.

Because of the diversity of these blogs, you can get awesome tips: from how to travel with children of all ages to running your business while jumping off a cliff.

Get your dose of awesome tips here.


Consistency is the key to success. However, it can be difficult to achieve if you’re always on the move. Some tasks require ultimate focus, and it can be a challenge to bring your A game when you’re running for the bus every hour or two.

Thankfully, there are tools and apps that can help you stay productive even if you’re on the go.

Check out the top 20 tools every digital nomad needs.


Connecting with people you just met can be a big challenge. Since you don’t know the person completely, sometimes, you struggle with the right things to say. This results to awkward conversations and even misunderstandings.

In ‘Superhuman Social Skills: A Guide to being Likeable, Winning Friends and Building your Social Circle’, Tyran gives tips on how to be more approachable and likable.

Get his book here.

Which online communities are you a part of? Share them with us below.


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