Having a digital nomad lifestyle can expose you to different seasons and climates quickly. Because of this, your body can also get exposed to illnesses while you’re on the road.

As a digital nomad, you should not only prioritize your personal growth or career goals. It’s also crucial to focus on your health. Living healthy will let you hustle, live in the moment, and say yes to adventures.

digital nomad lifestyle traveling tips Working and traveling at the same time while staying fit can be a challenge. But with the help of a few valuable tips and a little discipline, it’s possible to achieve.

Here’s how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road.

See a travel doctor

A travel doctor knows the illnesses particular to different countries and health risks that may involve in getting there. They are aware of the health issues and immunizations needed in countries worldwide.

You can use the internet to check if a country is safe to visit, but a travel doctor will be able to assess your current health status.

digital nomad lifestyle travel doctor

He or she can prescribe the vaccines, medicines, and supplements your body needs. This is vital especially if you have current medical conditions like asthma or diabetes.

Make sure to keep a copy of your medical record with you. This way, it will be easier for doctors in your destination to understand any medical conditions you might have.

It’s recommended as well to check with your health insurance company and ask whether they offer medical coverage in another country. Or better yet, invest in travel insurance.

Watch what you eat

In picking a restaurant, ask for recommendations from the locals.

Carry your own translation cards if you have food allergies because they will help you communicate your special diet at local restaurants. You can check SelectWisely or Allergy Translation for these cards.

If you want to try street foods, eat at the stalls with a long line of locals, particularly with both women and children. Mothers are picky on what their kids eat, so when they buy from a stall, it means the food is usually safe.

digital nomad lifestyle eating habits

Keep an eye on how the food is prepared, too. Check if the cooks are wearing plastic gloves or using clean utensils.

Another great trick is to observe where locals eat. Local markets and universities have lots of stalls that offer delicious and affordable food. Just make sure to follow local meal times so you can avail of freshly prepared meals. Bacteria can form as the food cools.

digital nomad lifestyle eating outside

If you’re not confident with the country’s water system, eat only peelable fruits such as bananas, papayas, mangoes, and rambutan. Going vegan in these places will also save you from food poisoning.

Remember to pack some ginger root tea bags as well. Ginger tea can calm an upset stomach, improve digestion, and increase the absorption of food.

Break a sweat

Avoid sitting for hours in front of your laptop and do light exercises. You can do some squats, push-ups, or crunches in your room.

If you miss hitting the gym, look for fitness centers near your place. You may also want to check if they offer activities that are native to their country, such as Muay Thai in Thailand or Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil.

Consider embracing yoga, too. Yoga can keep your mind, body, and spirit finely tuned. It can even help you deal with long journey-related circulation problems and improve the quality of your sleep.

Another great way to exercise is to pick an activity you love or want to try. It can be joining a marathon, hiking, or surfing.

digital nomad lifestyle exercise

Going out? Ditch the cab and give your legs some stretch. If you don’t want to walk, try the bike-sharing system. It’s getting really popular today and almost every country has it.


Dehydration can lead to a loss of strength and stamina. If it happens often, it can affect your kidney function and increase the risk of kidney stone.

Always stay hydrated and drink enough fluids. Carry a reusable water bottle wherever you go. If you’re doubting the credibility of water in the country you’re in, bring purification tablets with you. They can kill bacteria, viruses, and parasitic protozoans.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep will still affect your mood, productivity, and creativity.

Many digital nomads tend to lean on caffeine when they’re chasing deadlines. But caffeine can’t overcome the effects of sleep deprivation. Yes, it keeps you awake, but if you’re sleep deprived, you’re functioning in a limited capacity.

digital nomad lifestyle enough sleep

Set the scene of your room before going to sleep. Make it as comfortable as possible. Close the curtains, adjust the room’s temperature, and turn off your phone. Cut back on screen time and listen to podcasts instead, or read a book.

It’s best to bring along some sleeping aids when you travel, such as a sleep mask, earplugs, and neck pillow. These will come in handy when you have to rest on the plane, train or bus.

Look after your mental health

Mental health is as important as physical health.

Remember to de-stress once in awhile. You can do this by going to a spa, exploring the city or town you’re in, or going to parties. Just remember to party responsibly and limit your alcohol intake.

digital nomad lifestyle mental health

Detaching yourself from the digital world for a day or two. Connect with the locals or other nomads around you. Doing these things will help you combat loneliness.

Tools and apps to help you keep a healthy digital nomad lifestyle

Carbs Control

Carbs Control can show you the number of carbs you’ve had by meal and by day. Whether your concern is total carbs or net carbs, this app has you covered. It has carb details for over 80,000 foods, 500 specific food brands, and 300 popular fast food and casual dining.


MyFitnessPal acts like a nutrition coach in your pocket. This app will help you reach your weight loss or weight gain goals. It can create a customized diet and exercise plan that suits you. It also shows a chart of your progress, which will help you stay motivated and see how you’re improving over time.

Water Drink Reminder

This top trending app will remind you when and how much water to drink throughout the day. Just enter your weight and it will determine how much water your body needs every day.


MyPlate is another calorie tracker app with an active community. Its message boards overflow with members offering support, advice, tips, and even recipes. It’s a great place to connect with like-minded people while you reach your health goals.


Practo is a healthcare app which lets you book doctor appointments easily. Simply select your location, choose a doctor, and you’re all set. You can read feedback from patients before booking an appointment. You can upload your medical records on the app and set medicine reminders as well.


Yummly matches over 1 million recipes to your lifestyle’s nutrition, diet, food allergies, and cuisines. Here you can find the recipes you want from thousands of recipe sites and blogs.


Sleepo brings a great collection of HD sounds that can be mixed into the perfect relaxing ambiances. You can use it to improve your sleep, concentration, and meditation.

How do you maintain a healthy digital nomad lifestyle? Got any tips to add? Share them with us in the comments.


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