Having great organizational skills is always an advantage in the workplace.

A great organizational system can help increase your efficiency and also eliminate potential disastrous mistakes you can make. It also makes your life easier, and help get you more time to do the things that truly matter to you.

How to Dramatically Improve Your Organizational Skills

In this week’s Five Tips Tuesday, we’ll discuss how to improve your organizational skills and increase your productivity. Learn how organizing tasks and “eating the frog” can help you be better at work from Brian Tracy’s book. See how Evernote can further organize your files in a click of a button. Learn how you can train yourself and your team can improve your organizational skills through mind mapping and see how you can develop your own organized system with these tips and resources.

1. Apps – With its functionality and ease of use on point, Evernote has proven itself as one of the best organizational apps out there. Auto-sync your files, record your thoughts, create to-do-lists and pair it with other apps to maximize its use. You can even create your contact database and connect with your contacts on LinkedIn with ease. If you haven’t tried it yet, then download this app here.

2. Website – Organizing your thoughts and making sense of budding ideas can be challenging. Here comes Mindmeister, which lets you transform your ideas into boards and presentations that others can also collaborate with. Create your own mind map here.

3. Management Tips – Amp up your work schedule with five management advice from Monster Worldwide, Inc. Learn how you can further organize your workspace and get things done within a day with these organizational tips.

4. Article – How you start your mornings can greatly affect your productivity throughout the day. Entrepreneur.com presents how organizing your workspace and your mindset can set the tone for your productivity. Check out how tweaking the little things you do at the office can change your productivity. Learn it all here.

5. Book – Brian Tracy, will change your viewpoint on priorities and organizational skills. Learn how to up your productivity and organize your tasks with his book, Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time . Here he explains the importance of dealing with the most difficult task of the day first. Learn how focus can lead you getting things done in less time. Check this life-changing book here.

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