Effective team management requires time, passion and creativity.

Effective team management is a must when running a business. As a manager, you need to keep up with trends, consider your team members in every decision you make, and have the necessary foresight to see what the future should look like. But with all this work, it’s easy to take your personal needs for granted. So this week, we share with you tips on how you could take care of yourself so you could take care of your team better too.

Effective Team Management Tips that Make you a Better Leader

This week on Five Tips Tuesday, we share with you tips on effective team management. Check out ten practical strategies on how you can thrive as a leader.

Learn how design thinking can positively affect your hiring strategies. Choose from forty-five apps and resources that you can use to make managing your team easier.

Get professional advice on how to adjust well and keep your happiness intact while living in Shanghai.

Also, see how author Jon Acuff can help turn your Mondays around for the better with his book.

1. Managing Tips

As a manager, you have a lot to consider.

Everything requires balance, from considering the different personalities and skills of your team members to coaching and motivation strategies.

These ten tips will give you something new to try to help your team perform at its finest.

2. Hiring

The success of a team heavily depends on teamwork. It goes beyond the members’ abilities and skills, but rather on their ability to acquire a collaborative nature.

See how you can look for team members that will fit your needs using a concept called design thinking in this article from Interactive Design Foundation.

3. Tools and resources

Team management require a lot of organizing, and it’s good to know that we now have loads of apps and resources that helps us do so.

In this article, Time Doctor recommends forty-five apps and resources to help you manage your team, especially if you are handling remote workers.

Check it out and see which ones will suit your needs.

4. Motivation

Resilience is a part of being a good manager.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur running your own business or a manager handling people in your team, meeting other people’s needs usually become a priority.

But being a good manager also requires you to take care of yourself, especially if you are a ‘global citizen’ who travels from place to place.

Smart Shanghai interviewed a few experts and talked about how to keep your mental health in check, cope with changes and stress, and be happy in the now, especially if you are living in Shanghai. Check out the article here.

5. Book

Ever get the feeling of getting bored at work?

See how you could reinvent your Mondays and your career with Jon Acuff’s book, Do Over.

See why you need to build your own Career Savings Account and learn how to reinvent yourself and your career in this must read that took about sixteen years to make.

Get your copy here.

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