With all the tasks of starting your own business, it is completely necessary for you to learn how to work smart.

Identifying personal, automated and delegated tasks is a task you need to master, but picking out the tools will let you get the job done. With the right apps, tools, and resources at your disposal, you can get the time you need to focus on what needs to be done.

Entrepreneur's Essentials: Must Have Tools and Resources

As a serial entrepreneur, Greg Prudhommeaux is always on the lookout for apps and tools that will help improve his workflow and increase his team’s productivity. Join us on December 15 and 17 in our workshop, Entrepreneur’s Essentials: Must Have Tools and Resources, as he shares the tools and resources that are necessary to operate your business.

For your convenience, we are offering this workshop on two dates, one at December 15 (Thursday) and December 17 (Saturday), both at 9 AM till 12 PM. We have also recently partnered with Prodygia, an online platform creating on-demand solutions which capture, curate and deliver content online to their communities and beyond.

Entrepreneur's Essentials: Must Have Tools and Resources

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