Creating a Facebook business page for your brand is crucial in this digital marketing era. In fact, according to recent statistics, there are about 65 million Facebook business pages to date.

A Facebook business page is a cost-efficient yet powerful marketing tool. It can build brand awareness, generate leads, and promote positive word of the mouth. It’s a great place to connect with your customers and publish compelling content.

But since there are millions of pages competing for attention, yours should stand out.

Facebook business page tips

And this week on Five Tips Tuesday, we’ll give you tips on how you can build an excellent Facebook business page.

Learn how to optimize your page. Find out how you can make it engaging.

Check out the benefits of creating a business page instead of using your personal profile. Discover the free tools that can help you run your page.

Lastly, check out the book that will help you get started on Facebook marketing.


Optimizing your Facebook page maximizes the benefits of Facebook Marketing.

This adds up to your target market finding you and learning about you on social media. It also helps you know and understand your clients when you engage with them.

Check out this blog from HootSuite and learn how to optimize your brand’s Facebook page.


Your Facebook business page acts like a window to your brand.

The more enticing it is, the more audience you’ll attract. That’s why the value of your content is crucial. Your posts, photos, and even the captions should have an impact. They should also be relevant to your brand.

Simply put, you need a good strategy to outshine your competition.

Find out how you can make your page more engaging.

Personal profile vs Fan page

Yes, you can promote your business using your own profile. But it’s important to know that this method offers limited features.

Fan pages or business pages have better features that can help you bring your brand to the next level. You can run ads and even track your page’s performance.

Learn more about the pros and cons of using a fan page and personal profile here.


Managing and monitoring your brand’s page is not an easy task, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you have to look after your business to assure it stays in the flow. If you’re a social media manager, there are other platforms you need to attend to.

Thankfully, there are free tools and apps that can help you run your page smoother.

Check them out here.


Do you want to utilize Facebook marketing but you’re not sure how and where you should start?

It’s normal to be overwhelmed. Facebook is a huge platform, and the competition is getting tighter each day.

Luckily, Wynne Pirini, a veteran online marketer, shared his expertise through his book. In “How to Use Facebook for Business’, Wynne put together a step-by-step illustrated Facebook business guide. Brief, easy to understand, and definitely valuable, this book is guaranteed to help you get started and gain new customers fast.

Grab the book here.

Do you have other tips on running a Facebook business page? Share it with us in the comments.


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