Facebook Live is a breakthrough in the digital marketing industry.

Mark Zuckerberg describes Facebook Live as “like having a TV camera in your pocket.” His description was, in fact, an understatement.

facebook live benefits

Since its launch in 2016, many people and even celebrities jumped into the trend. One example is Martha Stewart who discovered its full potential.

Shot using an iPhone, her video “Martha is Live” accumulated hundreds of thousands of views for each video. It even received better engagement compared to her TV program “The Martha Stewart Show”.

But how exactly can businesses benefit from doing a live streaming video through Facebook Live?

Engagement is one of the measurements of a business’ success. Getting higher engagement expands your audience reach and attracts more customers.

Doing Live streaming via Facebook can increase traffic and referrals to your homepage. You can also embed your Facebook shows to your website by using Facebook embed codes.

Facebook Live is also a cost-effective way of advertising your company and services. All you need is a stable internet connection, a smartphone or IOS device, a webcam, and external microphone.

Going live also gives your company an edge over your competitor. Entrepreneurs who answer customer feedback and questions in real time also get more credibility and create more trust with their customers and audiences.

How to best use Facebook Live for your Business

Behind the Scenes

Customers like it when they know more information about you and your brand. This also establishes a better connection between you and your audience.

You can create a video that tackles about your adventure as an entrepreneur. Make a live coverage of what happens “behind the scenes” to show your customers how you do business.

Post a survey on your facebook wall. Ask your followers what they want to talk about when you go live.  Do they want to see how their favorite products are made? Or are they curious about how your company office looks like?

Q and As with your audience

Live streams are also a great way to tackle frequently asked questions from your customers.

The best way to do this is to plan ahead and compile questions and feedback from your followers. Then announce the specific time on when you’ll be going live to answer their queries on your Facebook page.

facebook live feedback
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This paves a way for you to address the concern of your followers in person. And it’s also a good way of pre-empting possible negative impact on your business. This gives your followers the notion that you are on top of your game.

Sneak Peek

You can educate your followers about new products you’re offering or events that you will be launching soon.

It’s an awesome opportunity to show how product demos and tutorials about your new services. This helps you get live feedback about your products, and you can also get suggestions on how you can improve it before it gets released.

Bank on the excitement from your customers to get their buy-in.

Keep in mind that when you use this method, entice your followers and customers about the upcoming product or events.

How-Tos and Product Demos

Find something that aligns with your expertise or business, then show your audience how to do it in simple steps.

For example, if you run a freelance business and SEO is your niche, you can share some tips to your followers. Or if you’re a tech guru and about to unbox the latest gadget in the market, you can broadcast it.

These simple actions will effectively establish you as an expert in your field. Not only that, you’re also providing value to your followers.

Now that you know the importance of using Facebook Live in your business, it’s high time to get you started.

  1. On your personal account or official page, tap to update your status and select the “Live Video” Button.
  2.  Write an enticing description for your video.
  3. Set up your camera and microphone, then click “Go Live” when you’re ready.
  4. Once you’re done, tap “Finished”. Post your video so your other followers could watch it later.

facebook live audience


Tips for a successful Facebook Live broadcast

1. Before you start your live video make sure that you have everything ready. Check the connection speed of your internet to ensure that you will be producing a quality video.

2. Respect your audience time. Make sure that you start your live video on time. Value the time of your viewers and don’t wait for everyone to tune in.

3. Be energetic and authentic. Since it’s a live broadcasting, editing is not possible. So make sure that you don’t sound boring. Be natural and maintain eye contact with the lens.

4. During the broadcast, ask your audience to interact. Make sure that you have someone with you who can direct you to the questions, comments, and feedback of your audience.

5. It is necessary that when addressing those, you read out and mention names of your commenters. This makes the experience more personal for them.

6. Provide a call to action statements for your audience. Encourage your viewers to check out your page or website for more updates.

7. Thank your viewers for tuning in. Show them that you appreciate the time they spent watching you. Remember to mention the name of your company.

8. Give a proper sign-off when you end your live video. Let your audience know about your upcoming live video if there’s any. Invite your followers by sending an email and include the link to your upcoming event.

Once you finish with Live Broadcast, your video will appear on your company’s Facebook wall. And there are few more things that you need to consider.

  • Edit the Title of your broadcast. Consider your initial title as a working title. After the broadcast, it may not reflect what transpired on the actual video.
  • Work on the thumbnail. Sometimes, the image on your thumbnail is not the best image to display. Make sure that you edit this for viewers to have a glimpse of the best image for the video.
  • Analyze your performance. Replay your video and watch it carefully. Think about the things you need to improve. Take note of the opportunities and mistakes you did while on live and use them as a guideline the next time go live. 
  • Respond to comments and feedback. Since you won’t be able to address everything live, make sure that you answer those you have left out. 
  • Share your broadcast. Share your URL on other social media platforms. Send it via email to your followers and encourage them to promote it. You can also repurpose your video by writing a blog focusing on the highlights and adding the link to the video itself. 
  • Ask people about their takeaways. One of the best ways to grow your influence is to ask people to share their takeaways from the live feed. This also helps share your message to a much larger audience and reach.

To conclude, Facebook Live is not only a game changer for your business. It can also help you know your market better and expand your reach.

Have you tried Facebook Live yet? What kind of videos are you planning to broadcast? Tell us in the comments.


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