Facebook online business has become a growing trend today.

Thousands of brands today spend much time learning about the behavior of their target market through insights offered by the social media mogul. It has also saved businesses time and money with features like Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, and Facebook Groups.

But what does it take to grow your online business through Facebook? How do you catch your target market’s attention and tell awesome stories about your brand and business?

Facebook Online Business tips

In this week’s Five Tips Tuesday, we give you awesome takeaways to help you market your brand on Facebook.

Learn creative ways of doing Facebook Ads with Zack Spuckler.

Check out how to create the best stories for your brand.

See how Facebook Groups can help you better understand your target market and formulate your selling strategy.

Get to know more about blockchain marketing and how it can affect your strategy.

Learn how to your brand can cope with the evolving needs and behaviors of your target market from Hootsuite’s CEO Ryan Holmes.

Facebook Marketing

Social Media Examiner sits down Facebook Ads expert, Zack Spuckler and talks about how he builds leads for his business.

In the past ten years, Zack has been experimenting with online marketing. This includes affiliate marketing, direct sales, website flipping, consulting and Facebook Ads. Starting as a vegan food blogger with his blog, The No Fuss Vegan, he ventured into podcasting and later on used Periscope for promoting his online course.

Check out this interview as he talks about how to creatively attract prospects and customers through Facebook Ads.

Storytelling for Brands

The best way to capture your audience’s’ attention is to tell awesome stories. But most brands make the mistake of trying to woo and please people instead of letting them in on the why’s of the business.

This quick but powerful read from The Story of Telling shows us how to effectively draft memorable stories for your audience. After all, context is also as important as content.

Read more about it here.


Facebook Groups are the pulse of what’s going on in your niche and target market.

At this point in time, there’s a Facebook Group that caters to everyone’s need. From mommy groups to sickness awareness and even special interests like baking and crochet, a community exists on Facebook for each one.

But did you know that you can also create dedicated Facebook groups to grow your blog following?

Check out tips from Problogger on how Facebook groups can benefit your blog.


There’s a new buzzword in the financial sector today called blockchain.

While this new concept may not sound revolutionary, some are already using it to transfer huge amounts of money and data. The question is, how will it affect you and your business, and how will it change the way you share information to your target market?

Check out this article by Luke Janich, CEO of RED, as he talks about the potentials of blockchain revolution.


Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, talks about the ‘reachpocalypse’. In his post from Fast Company, he discusses how it is harder for brands and businesses to come up with strategies that create a strong impact.

Organic posts are dwindling and algorithm-based content is now taking center stage in social media marketing. The question is, how can you keep up with the trends and keep your brand afloat?

Learn more here.

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